Alamosa Park at Oside Turkey Trot

Watch your tail feathers, Austin Bice Team because each year, the staff and students of Vista Unified’s Alamosa Park Elementary School is watching you like a hawk; for the Hawks have been a growing presence at the annual Oceanside Turkey Trot. While we do not come close to matching the strength of your numbers, our spirited strength of family and friends join yours at this seasonal fundraising event. Members of the Alamosa Park community have participated in this fun, beachside run for several years but in the last four years, the

team has steadily increased in numbers, soaring to new heights to land itself within the top 3-5 teams the past two years.

The school’s racers range from kindergarteners to alumni, including grandparents, and many families have made it their Thanksgiving tradition to “Move Their Feet Before They Eat.” All students at this ETK 5th grade campus participate in a Running Club 2-3 times per week, earning colorful “foot charms or toe tokens” to collect around a chain necklace. They can also earn special charms when they reach milestone distances such as 26.1, 50, 75, and 100 miles during the school year. The school community is excited to break in the new compressed gravel running track that was recently installed on the campus. It will be ready for use in just a few more weeks. We will be race ready for The Trot, so keep your eye out for us in our red and black spirit wear. Our enthusiastic students will be racing down the strand so fast you’ll think they were flying. Maybe, just maybe, they are.

Submitted by: Janeen Baylon, 3rd grade teacher/Team Captain of the Hawks