Make A Difference – Support Our Charities

Make a difference by supporting a local beneficiary with your entry! Support a local beneficiary like one in the list below or another of your choosing. Subsequently, when you enter, look for the section that asks if you’d like to designate $5 of your entry fee to a beneficiary listed in the online form. However, if your favorite beneficiary isn’t on the online form’s list, please call Kinane Events at 760-434-5255 to inquire about how to add your charity. Above all, thanks to you, the O’side Turkey Trot has raised more than $405,000 for our schools/beneficiaries in the past sixteen years.

Schools That Service Oceanside Residents

Certainly, raise money for your school that services Oceanside residents! For instance, each registered participant can donate five dollars directly from their entry fee (no additional funds required for charities) to their school of choice.

Austin Bice Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Austin Bice Memorial Scholarship is one of more than a hundred scholarships that can be applied for using the San Diego Foundation Common Scholarship Application. Moreover, the 2021-2022 Common Scholarship Application opens December 1, 2021, and the deadline to apply is February 2, 2022, at 2:00 PM. In conclusion, your support means students can apply for an Austin Bice Memorial Scholarship to pursue studies at San Diego State University. Access the scholarship application and more information about the San Diego Foundation by clicking below:

Move Your Feet Before You Eat!® Foundation

The Move Your Feet Before You Eat!® Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2007. Our mission is to promote health and well-being through incorporating regular physical fitness into daily life, utilizing education, special events, and instructive coaching. Furthermore, funds go towards programs that promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the above, our goals for the past 5 years have been to inspire and support running programs at all schools. The foundation provides instruction on how to organize and manage a mileage club or running program at the school. For this reason, the foundation will provide mileage club materials, gift certificates to purchase additional incentive gifts, and motivational speakers. Visit our website,, for information on our Dream Big: Get Up and Go video, which profiles successful community leaders who have used running to reach their personal and professional potential.

Let us know if you would like to get involved and help our kids get healthier as a local running club leader. Let’s start a trend of appreciation by being a part of 5k charities, San Diego charity, OUSD charities, & Oceanside charities.

Please note, if you used a $5 coupon code, your $5 donation will not be designated to a charity. 

Click Here for the 2021 Charities/Schools Breakdown

Updated: 12/07/2021

Please note: Starting in 2020, charities will need at 15 designations to receive a check.

Women’s Resource Center270
Boys and Girls Club of   Oceanside244
Move Your Feet Before You Eat   Foundation223
Rady Childrens Hospital124
Oceanside High School109
Brother Bennos102
Girls on the Run101
Austin Bice Memorial   Scholarship Fund99
El Camino High School95
Agua Hedionda Lagoon   Foundation94
Ivey Ranch Elementary86
Bread of Life Mission82
El Camino HS Cross County79
Mission Vista High School68
South Oceanside Elementary66
California Surf Museum63
Alamosa Park Elementary58
Coastal Academy58
Bonsall West Elementary57
Vista HS54
St Marys Star of the Sea54
Armed Services YMCA53
Palmquist Elementary53
Martin Luther King Jr Middle   School50
Classical Academy High School47
Semper Fi & America’s Fund46
Casita Center Elementary44
Challenged Athletes Foundation38
McAuliffe Elementary38
Lincoln Middle School37
Empresa Elementary36
San Luis Rey Elementary33
Guajome Park Academy32
Mira Costa College Student   Food Panty31
Tri City Hospital Foundation31
El Camino HS Band30
Vista Teen Outreach29
Oceanside Museum of Art29
Fallbrook Union High School29
St Patricks PTA25
American Legion Post 14625
North Terrace Elementary25
First Presbyterian Preschool24
Nichols Elementary24
Bonsall Elementary24
TERI, Inc23
Cesar Chavez Middle School22
Tri City Christian22
El Camino HS Swim Team21
T.H.E Leadership Academy21
Lake Elementary21
Rancho Buena Vista High School   Cross County20
Vista Academy of Performing   Arts20
Laurel Elementary19
North County Health Services19
Oceanside High School Marching   Band18
Oceanside High School Choir18
Scholarship Prep Charter   School – Oceanside17
Vista Community Clinic17
Reynolds Elementary17
Vista Magnet Middle School16
Oceanside High School PE15
Jefferson Middle School15
Del Rio Elementary15

Click Here for the 2020 Charities/Schools Breakdown

Updated: 11/26/2020

Please note: Starting in 2020, charities will need at 15 designations to receive a check.

Move Your Feet Before You Eat   Foundation97
Women’s Resource Center91
Boys and Girls Club of   Oceanside75
Girls on the Run49
Brother Bennos48
Oceanside High School47
Armed Services YMCA41
Agua Hedionda Lagoon   Foundation37
Rady Childrens Hospital34
St Marys Star of the Sea33
South Oceanside Elementary31
El Camino HS Cross County30
Bread of Life Mission29
Challenged Athletes Foundation29
El Camino High School29
Tri City Hospital Foundation29
California Surf Museum28
Semper Fi & America’s Fund28
Palmquist Elementary27
Alamosa Park Elementary22
Casita Center Elementary22
Austin Bice Memorial   Scholarship Fund20
Ivey Ranch Elementary20
Mission Vista High School20
Classical Academy High School19
American Legion Post 14616
Mira Costa College Student   Food Panty16
Martin Luther King Jr Middle   School15
St Patricks PTA15
Bonsall West Elementary14
Tri City Christian14
Fallbrook Union High School13
Bonsall Elementary12
Oceanside Museum of Art12
First Presbyterian Preschool11
McAuliffe Elementary11
Mission Elementary11
TERI, Inc11
Empresa Elementary10
Guajome Park Academy10
Vista HS10
Coastal Academy9
Del Rio Elementary9
North San Diego Young Marines8
Reynolds Elementary8
Vista Academy of Performing   Arts8
North Terrace Elementary7
Oceanside High School Marching   Band7
Rancho Buena Vista High School   Cross County7
Breeze Hill Elementary6
Buena Vista Audubon Society6
Carlsbad FC United6
Coast City Church6
MLK Cross County6
Roosevelt Middle School6
San Luis Rey Elementary6
Vista Community Clinic6
Vista Innovation & Design   Academy6
Vista Teen Outreach6
Laurel Elementary5
Nichols Elementary5
Rancho Buena Vista High School5
Vista Magnet Middle School5
Carlsbad Softball Association4
El Camino HS Band4
El Camino HS Swim Team4
El Camino HS Tennis4
OPARC/Friends of Oceanside   Parks4
Rancho Buena Vista High School   Band Boosters4
Scholarship Prep Charter   School – Oceanside4
ACS – Oceanside 24 Relay3
Cesar Chavez Middle School3
Foussat Elementary3
Lincoln Middle School3
Mary Fay Pendleton3
Mission Meadows Elementary3
Oceanside High School PE3
Stuart Mesa Elementary3
Vista High School Band and   Pageantry3
Fallbrook Street Elementary2
High Tech High North County2
Lake Elementary2
Lean and Green Kids2
Madison Middle School2
North County Health Services2
T.H.E Leadership Academy2
Garrison Elementary1
Jefferson Middle School1
Mitchell Thorp Foundation1
North Coast Aquatics1
Oceanside High Girls   Basketball1
Santa Margarita Elementary1
Sullivan Middle School1

Click Here for the 2019 Charities/Schools Breakdown

Updated: 12/2/19

Please note: Schools/Non-Profits must have at least 10 designations to receive a contribution. Starting in 2020, charities will need at 15 designations to receive a check.

CharityTotal Designations
ACS – Oceanside 24 Relay12
Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation122
Alamosa Park Elementary58
American Legion Post 14622
Armed Services YMCA105
Austin Bice Memorial Scholarship Fund194
Bella Mente Montessori8
Bonsall Elementary47
Bonsall West Elementary68
Boys and Girls Club of Oceanside250
Bread of Life Mission58
Breeze Hill Elementary17
Brother Bennos64
Buena Vista Audubon Society27
California Surf Museum72
Carlsbad FC United16
Carlsbad Softball Association15
Casita Center Elementary62
Cesar Chavez Middle School33
Challenged Athletes Foundation53
Classical Academy High School37
Coast City Church19
Coastal Academy58
College Bound Oceanside9
Del Rio Elementary34
Dual Language Institute8
El Camino High School120
El Camino HS Band34
El Camino HS Cross Country87
El Camino HS Swim Team18
El Camino HS Tennis12
Empresa Elementary72
Fallbrook Street Elementary8
Fallbrook Union High School38
First Presbyterian Preschool26
Foussat Elementary15
Garrison Elementary13
Girls on the Run116
Guajome Park Academy41
High Tech High North County13
High Tech Middle School North County4
Ivey Ranch Elementary106
Jefferson Middle School12
Lake Elementary36
Laurel Elementary25
Lean and Green Kids7
Libby Elementary18
Lincoln Middle School27
Madison Middle School29
Martin Luther King Jr Middle School40
Mary Fay Pendleton31
McAuliffe Elementary29
Mira Costa College Student Food Pantry50
Mission Elementary40
Mission Meadows Elementary32
Mission Vista High School69
Mitchell Thorp Foundation8
MLK Cross Country42
Mottino YMCA42
Move Your Feet Before You Eat! Foundation194
New Song Church11
Nichols Elementary14
North Coast Aquatics13
North County Health Services11
North San Diego Young Marines19
North Terrace Elementary42
Oceanside High Girls Basketball16
Oceanside High School138
Oceanside High School Marching Band17
Oceanside High School PE18
Oceanside Museum of Art53
Oceanside Promise74
OPARC/Friends of Oceanside Parks10
Pacific Ridge School13
Pacific View Charter6
Palmquist Elementary45
Rady Children’s Hospital173
Rancho Buena Vista High School43
Rancho Buena Vista High School Band Boosters35
Rancho Buena Vista High School Cross Country41
Reynolds Elementary13
Roosevelt Middle School26
San Luis Rey Elementary22
Santa Margarita Elementary18
Scholarship Prep Charter School – Oceanside7
Semper Fi Fund102
South Oceanside Elementary86
St. Mary’s Star of the Sea69
St. Patrick’s PTA71
Stuart Mesa Elementary15
Sullivan Middle School19
T.H.E The Leadership Academy22
TERI, Inc28
Tri City Christian49
Tri City Hospital Foundation14
Vista Academy of Performing Arts12
Vista Christian School20
Vista Community Clinic28
Vista H.S.49
Vista H.S. Field Hockey1
Vista High School Band and Pagentry22
Vista HS Field Hockey1
Vista Innovation & Design Academy21
Vista Magnet Middle School18
Vista Teen Outreach48
Women’s Resource Center262

Click Here for the 2018 Charities/Schools Breakdown

Updated: 11/27/18; FINAL 2018 REPORT

Please note: Schools/Non-Profits must have at least 10 designations to receive a contribution.

ACS – Oceanside 24 Relay11
Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation116
Alamosa Park Elementary50
Armed Services YMCA75
Austin Bice Memorial Scholarship Fund194
Bella Mente Montessori13
Bonsall Elementary31
Bonsall West Elementary53
Boys and Girls Club of Oceanside292
Bread of Life Mission59
Breeze Hill Elementary22
Brother Bennos88
Buena Vista Audubon Society16
California Surf Museum50
Carlsbad FC United16
Carlsbad Softball Association12
Carrillo Ranch Elementary School23
Casita Center Elementary82
Cesar Chavez Middle School34
Challenged Athletes Foundation60
Chloe Nichols Foundation3
Classical Academy High School41
Coast City Church25
Coastal Academy75
College Bound Oceanside8
Del Rio Elementary24
Dual Language Institute6
El Camino High School130
El Camino HS Band20
El Camino HS Cross Country68
El Camino HS P.E. 9A7
El Camino HS Swim Team23
El Camino HS Tennis16
Empresa Elementary55
Fallbrook Street Elementary7
Fallbrook Union High School44
First Presbyterian Preschool21
Foussat Elementary12
Garrison Elementary21
Girls on the Run71
Guajome Park Academy56
H2O Trash Patrol26
High Tech North County11
Ivey Ranch Elementary70
Jefferson Middle School7
Lake Elementary76
Laurel Elementary31
Libby Elementary16
Lincoln Middle School23
Madison Middle School12
Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School101
Mary Fay Pendleton25
McAuliffe Elementary51
Mira Costa College Student Food Pantry54
Mission Elementary7
Mission Meadows Elementary100
Mission Readiness1
Mission Vista High School61
Mottino YMCA33
Move Your Feet Before You Eat! Foundation194
New Song Church18
Nichols Elementary10
North Coast Aquatics14
North County Health Services21
North County Lifeline1
North San Diego Young Marines20
North Terrace Elementary42
Ocean Shores High School1
Oceanside Adventist4
Oceanside Breakers8
Oceanside Gymnastics Booster Club1
Oceanside High Girls Basketball10
Oceanside High School134
Oceanside High School PE14
Oceanside Museum of Art33
Oceanside Promise126
OPARC/Friends of Oceanside Parks17
Pacific Ridge School11
Pacific View Charter3
Palmquist Elementary66
Rady Children’s Hospital165
Rancho Buena Vista High School22
Rancho Buena Vista High School Band Boosters16
Rancho Buena Vista High School Cross Country17
Reynolds Elementary24
Roosevelt Middle School18
San Elijo Middle School45
San Luis Rey Elementary16
Santa Margarita Elementary19
Scholarship Prep Charter School – Oceanside11
Semper Fi Fund101
South Oceanside Elementary113
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School22
St. Mary’s Star of the Sea72
St. Patrick’s PTA81
Stuart Mesa Elementary49
Sullivan Middle School30
Temple Heights Elementary9
TERI, Inc.49
Tri City Christian76
Tri City Hospital Foundation27
Vista Academy of Performing Arts14
Vista Christian School11
Vista Community Clinic17
Vista H.S.65
Vista High School Band and Pagentry47
Vista Innovation & Design Academy25
Vista Magnet Middle School21
Vista Spanish 7th Day Adventist Adventurers0
Women’s Resource Center184

Tri-City Medical Center Proudly Supports The Trot

5k charities, san diego charity, OUSD charities, oceanside charities
Move Your Feet Before You Eat Foundation
5k charities, san diego charity, OUSD charities, oceanside charities

With 292 selected entries, the Boys & Girls Club of Oceanside was the top schools/non-profit organizations supported by entries into the 2018 O’side Turkey Trot.

Other Charities Include:

5k charities, san diego charity, OUSD charities, oceanside charities
5k charities, san diego charity, OUSD charities, oceanside charities
5k charities, san diego charity, OUSD charities, oceanside charities
Girls on the Run San Diego