The inaugural year of Temple Heights running club kicked off last fall during the 2015-2016 school year in the month of October.  Who would have know the ground our students would cover?  13,680 miles – over half way around the world.  This year, we plan to travel around the world!

Students were beyond excited not only to start a new school year, but to start a fresh Running Club too.  Last year’s kindergarten students were ecstatic to join the big leagues and run the 1/4 mile course.  Our returning leader, who by the way ran a total of 132 miles last year, has set a new goal for himself to run 2 miles every morning Monday through Thursday, and he’s doing it.  Kids who have never run a mile in their lives are beginning to move, and the 100 mile club that includes a dri-fit t-shirt doesn’t seem so unattainable. 

You see, “Running Club” at Temple Heights has become part of the culture of the school.  It’s yet another solid program that has positive parent support, administrative and staff support as well as community support.  Last year the “turkey” ran alongside students to encourage participation in the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot, Kinane Events graciously donated feet charms and chains that are a big incentive to student mileage achievements, and Laser Tag Galaxy of Carlsbad donated enough free laser tag entrances to hold a school-wide mileage challenge in the month of February.  We were able to reward a class at every single grade level.

Our goal in all of this…happy, healthy students ready to learn, gaining a new sense of self worth and accomplishment, discovering new strengths, making new friendship connections and coming together as a whole to infectiously and joyously begin their day with physical energy directed toward good.  A journey of 24,901 miles (distance around the world) begins with one step, and Temple Heights runners have begun their trek.